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Def.: "fusion": a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole.
About ae fusion Studio
ae fusion Studio is an interdisciplinary firm, that merges the fields of architecture and engineering in one hand. This fusion of various professional knowledge generates more efficient and economic planning processes, fosters a creative and fluid modus operandi with the result of a higher quality and more cost efficient architecture. 
Dedicated to the interface between the 21st-century culture and dynamic social processes, ae fusion Studio engages in projects at the intersection of architecture, arts, progressive engineering and new technologies. From urban planning schemes over buildings and interior architecture up to design objects, the relationship between the human body, technology and nature forms the background for the new creation of space. Furthermore ae fusion Studio involves in the research of new planning and building technologies with the help of parametric design, new media- and fabrication tools.
Architectural Approach
ae fusion Studio is constantly searching for the spatial dialogue between contemporary culture and new dynamic unfolding processes. The identity of every project is created by this dialogue, the needs and desires of people, a consciousness of the physical and cultural context and the environmental conditions of the surrounding. We are convinced that the quality of our environment has a direct impact on the quality of our lives and believe that good architecture derives from the fusion of all the elements that independently engage and inform the character of a building. Ecological consciousness and environmental awareness play therefore an important role in our design strategy. 
ae fusion Studio aspires an architecture,
  • that is aware of the future importance of the interchange of information. 
  • that occurs out of an synergy and flexible interaction with its environment and the people. 
  • that is not limited in its movement, but works beyond the boundaries of the traditional realm and functions, rather like a constantly processing logical system than a closed formal object.
  • that is adaptable and flexible consisting of dynamic geometries and organisations and elastic topologies.
  • that is produced within the network of cultural, social and physical interactions, through the fusion of knowledge and forces of architects + engineers