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  • Project Name: BOŚ Bank Branch Prototype
  • Location: Prototype for various locations
  • Year: 2011
  • Est. Costs: 50 000 PLN
  • Area: 40 m2
  • Service: Architecture, Parametric Design
  • Stages: Invited Competition
  • Client: Bank Ochrony Środowiska SA.
  • Project description:
    We were invited by the BOS Bank to design a prototype of a branch that should be built in various locations all over Poland. The branch had to be designed for the inside and outside, as part of a larger structure or as a freestanding structure. The design is based on the idea to create a new progressive and sustainable architecture that is corresponding with the image of the bank and their corporate identity. The Bank's 21st century branch should provide reliability and efficiency, technical progress and new technologies. It should be an attractive branch, that is intriguing and arouse curiosity of customers in the present and the future. 
    Our design concept is based on a three-dimensional and spatial interpretation of the new logo. The logo contains two interweaving rings, which we transformed into a three-dimensional and multi-functional element. This element is connected to most of the functions required in the Branch. It is roof for protection on the outside, ceiling and floor on the inside, desks for the employees and customers and a bench in the waiting area. The connection of all of these functions with one architectural element symbolises the importance of fluidity of processes and interconnectivity in the 21st century.
    We offer a prototype that is based on parametric modules and therefore easy to mass produce. The production of the elements are implementing technologies like CNC-milling and thermoforming of the double curved surfaces. Through our parametric three-dimensional design approach we are able to produce these complex forms easy and fast by machines. With this technique we reduce significantly the cost and make sure that each piece will fit perfectly into the next so that the assembly process goes quickly and smoothly. The project was made in collaboration with our parametric design consultant Przemyslaw Jaworski.