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  • Project Name: Warsaw Office and Hotel Complex
  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Year: 2011
  • Area: 48 000 m2/ MP: 1.3 ha
  • Stages: Competition
  • Client: DIPSERVICE w Warszawie S.A.
  • Project description:
    This competition of a mixed-used building complex for a developer in Warsaw included a 4* hotel (14 000 m²), a B+ class office building with retail units on the ground floor (17 000 m²), underground parking (450 places /17 000 m²) and a landscaped plaza and park area.   
    The 4* business hotel accommodated 175 rooms and a conference centre with banquet hall (800 m²), foyer, a restaurant and a fitness centre.
    The nine storey high Building features a glass atrium, which is bringing additional light deep inside the building. 
    The B+ class office building is mainly based on open space planning layouts to keep a high flexibility for the interior design. The ground floors of the office building and parts of the podium are hosting commercial areas with shops, cafes and restaurants facing the plaza and park. The composition of the buildings encloses a park and plaza area with a fountain in the centre. Each of the buildings is terraced down towards the plaza to allow bigger balconies and sunlight penetration onto the park area. Acoustically and optically separated from a busy main street the isolated "green oasis" gives the opportunity to rest and enjoy the nature in an urban dense environment of tall buildings and high traffic. Our design proposal is an example for a sustainable, ecological and energy efficient building complex in a dense urban context.