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  • Project Name: A-Class Eco Office Building in Zabierz√≥w
  • Location: Zabierz√≥w, Krakow
  • Year: 2012
  • Area: 2120 m2
  • Service: Architectural Planning
  • Stages: Concept Design
  • Investor: Capital Group
  • Project description:
    The architectural concept is based on a contemporary, dynamic and ecological design strategy to create a high standard A–class office building which is at the same time sustainable and environmentally friendly. One task was to maximize the usable office area and guarantee a high amount of flexibility through "open space" layouts of the office areas. The A-class standard office building provides high-quality cladding materials like a sloped glass, aluminium and steel facade and golden copper-aluminium panels that are referring to the colours of the company's logo and wrapping the building into an elegant and prestigious corporate shell.
    The building is equipped with high standard technical equipment and a lift at the main staircase.
    The interior design features green terraced office spaces reaching over two storeys and a representative entrance hall facing the main access road to be clearly visible for people approaching the building from the main road. The over ground parking spaces in front of the building additional to an one-storey underground car park provide a total amount of 110 parking spaces.
    The dynamic building shape is a result to the strict requirements of the masterplan for this area, which allows only steep sloped roofs. The golden and glassed sloped roof, which continues all the way down to the ground, creates a dynamic and prestigious front facade that is visible and recognizable from the main road and represents a strong corporate identity for the client.
    The environmental concept delivers solar gains through the sloped glass façade on the northern entrance side. 80% of the roof on the southern side is equipped with photovoltaic panels to generate energy to power the building and reduce running costs.