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  • Project Name: Leaf Lights - Sustainable Light Post
  • Location: Prototype applicable for various locations
  • Year: 2010
  • Stages: Competition
  • Client: Fondation d Entreprise Hermes
  • Project description:
    The task of this competition was to develop a product that has to do with heat and light and is sustainable at the same time. Leaf Lights suggests a multifunctional post in the abstracted form of a leaf. Similar to the natural process of the photosynthesis the leaf is equipped with photovoltaic cells and uses the solar energy, which can be stored and converted into light, heat or any other form of energy, depending on the demand. It could be used in form of a single module as a light post or in sequence to create a bus shelter or coverage in any form. “Leaf Lights” can be used in any location, temporarily or permanent, is quickly installed and removed according to the needs of the user.