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  • Project Name: Laboratory of Passive Building Research for Cracow University of Technology
  • Location: Cracow, Poland
  • Year: 2012
  • Area: 1 000 m2
  • Service: Full Engineering except Structures
  • Stages: RIBA C-L
  • Client: Cracow University of Technology
  • Project description:
    The Laboratory of Passive Building Research was commissioned by the Cracow University of Technology.
    This project is an innovativeeducational building, that will be used by students and university staff for research and scientific studies. In addition to the standard building installations it is equipped with various advanced engineering solutions dedicated to energy efficient buildings and research such as: heat exchangers and heat pumps, two types of solar batteries, photovoltaic systems, systems for measuring and data collection of the energy consumption information of the building and a set of specialized software to process the data for research purposes.
    To improve theenergy efficiency the building provides an extensive BMS system, that is monitoring and controlling all technological installations like multiple sources for heating and cooling, integrated burglar alarm and access control.
    The designedfacility is located within the urban zone of “Kleparz” (Market) that is listed in the register of monuments of Krakow. Therefore the project obtained permission from the Regional Conservator.
    The project was done in regular consultation with the Professors of the Cracow University of TechnologyArchitect: Dr. Ing. ArchitectMarcin Furtak.