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  • Project Name: PKP Energetyka Warehouses and Repair Shop
  • Location: Cracow, Poland
  • Year: 2011-2012
  • Completed: 2015
  • Area: 1 000 m2
  • Service: Architecture, Full Engineering
  • Stages: RIBA A-L
  • Client: PKP Energetyka S.A.
  • Project description:
    Commissioned by PKP Energetyka this project includes office- and conference spaces for the southern headquarters, warehouses and a repair shop for trains. 
    In addition to the car parking spaces located along the railway track we design two garages for bigger service vehicles. Another technical building is the train repair shop. Three train tracks are leading form the main railway tracks to the repair shop, which has all the features to review and fix electronic problems in the locomotives. The buildings are kept simple from the exterior and appear in a uniform color. The massing of all new buildings is strictly orientated on the masterplan and the buildings in the surrounding.