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  • Project Name: Communal Cemetery with the chapel in Tychy
  • Location: Tychy, Poland
  • Year: 2011
  • Est. Costs: 21 MM PLN
  • Area: 900 m2 / MP: 1.5 ha
  • Service: Architecture, Engineering
  • Stages: RIBA A - C
  • Client: Council of Tychy
  • Project description:
    We were commissioned by the council of Tychy to develop three design concepts for facilities of the new communal cemetery. The existing arrangement of the graveyard is based on a radial grid and determines the access points to the cemetery. The program included administration spaces, a chapel, sanitary facilities, social spaces, storage and maintenance facilities. Additionally the design had to provide sufficient amount of parking spaces access roads and landscape design for an existing plot of forest, which had to be converted into a “park of reflection” for visitors.
    Option A “Transition Gateway”
    This concept is based on transitional barcode-like volumes and landscaping elements, which are gradually building up to the main entrance and centre point of the radial setup graveyard. In the centre are the most important facilities like the chapel, the main square and necessary shop facilities for the maintenance of the graves. The longitudinal organized architectural and landscaping elements are functioning like transitional filter between two worlds.
    Option B “Square of Reflection”
    The main Idea of this concept is to lower all facilities under ground and create a "square of reflection" to leave the landscape above unaffected by the functionally required buildings. Above ground we  created a large garden surface that opens up views to the graves for the people accessing the cemetery from the road.
    Option C “Fluid Landscape”
    This concept offers a fluid landscaping that creates smoothly rising accessible green dunes to walk on, contemplate and gain an panoramic view over the full cemetery area. Underneath the dunes are organized all functional facilities.