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  • Project Name: Main Market Square Czarny Dunajec
  • Location: Czarny Dunajec, Poland
  • Year: 2011
  • Est. Costs: 8,5 MM PLN
  • Area: 1 ha /2.2 ha
  • Service: Architecture, Engineering
  • Stages: Invited Competition
  • Client: Council Czarny Dunajec
  • Project description:
    The market square in Czarny Dunajec is surrounded by busy streets and side roads that leave barely space for public daily life and events. Our design approach aims to revitalize the market square as a public space by closing the small side roads and calm down hectic traffic situation. To improve the spatial quality of the square we designed new landscaping features, newly paved areas and technical infrastructure in consideration and with emphasis on its historical and regional surrounding. Our conceptual design proposal for the market in Czarny Dunajec results out of a comprehensive analysis of functions, forms, structure and history and implements the requirements of local masterplan for the area. The strategic challenge of the project was to solve the typological duality of the market squares as a main circulation space for vehicles, which is offering at the same time an urban quality for pedestrian, the community life and events. To achieve this objective we proposed a solution to create a new central point in Czarny Dunajec, that celebrates its representative and monumental character, while activating the daily contact of people on the square. Spatially formalised we created one big square that features multiple historical and new points of interaction. These points are emphasised through land- and cityscaping elements. Our design proposal for the market square offers the spatial framework for a variety of events such as exhibitions, markets, ice rinks in winter, open cinema in summer, sports and a place of active and passive recreation and communication.